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Commercial Solar Panels

In 2022 more than ever, continued rising energy costs create problems for companies that power their premises with electricity but want limit their overheads. Many business owners and people who own commercial properties are looking toward renewable solar energy as an answer to this.

As a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved contractor and installer for commercial solar panels, Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd understands the benefits solar photovoltaic systems have to offer. We have vast knowledge and a passion for solar technology, providing business owners throughout Scotland with efficient, self-reliant solar PV systems that will fit their needs.

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Solar Panels For Commercial Buildings

Are Solar Panels Right For Your Business?

As a business owner, one of your responsibilities is to keep your overheads low without sacrificing the quality of your services, products, or operational duties. So, you might wonder if it’s worth it to install commercial solar panels on your property.

The short answer is yes; solar PV systems are worth the investment. The panels generally last for a minimum of 25 years, and modern panels have fewer maintenance requirements preventing any future costs. Your commercial building can passively generate enough energy for your operational needs for decades by harvesting power from the sun. (yes, even in Scotland!)

A commercial solar PV system installation from Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd will also be sure to provide a return on your investment, thanks to our expert installations. The quality of PV panels and the technology available these days is far better than it was in the past.

The reduction in equipment costs plus the 25 year fixed cost for energy production, low maintenance, and our expert installation results in up to a 70% saving on your electricity vs the cost of paying for your electric from the national grid. Today, a 100kW commercial solar PV system can yield an ROI of up to 18% with a payback period of just over 5 years.

Just like we offer for domestic customers, commercial properties can benefit from solar battery storage as well. Once again, the Tesla Powerwall is the popular battery for commercial customers.

Benefits of Solar Panels for commercial properties

Companies of any size can benefit from an investment in solar energy. Whether you operate a shop, warehouse, factory, or agricultural building, your commercial roof can be the location for substantial renewable energy production that comes with the following advantages.

Energy experts project electricity costs will double in the UK in ten years. Increasing energy costs could leave businesses in Scotland looking for ways to save. Commercial solar panels may be the answer.

Your property will have a fixed forward-buy price for energy at roughly five pence per unit with solar power. You won’t have to worry about adjusting your business to accommodate power cost increases throughout the country at these rates. You will not only save money for your company with solar power, but you will also have an easier time forecasting your budgets.

Reduce Costs

Most companies choose to embrace solar energy for financial reasons. The panels produce substantial clean, free energy during the day, which property owners can use and either store the excess power or sell it to energy companies. In both cases, the property becomes less dependent on the local power grid, which means paying less money each month for electricity.


With today’s solar PV panel installation costs, a solar system can produce electricity at a rate of about 5 pence per kWh. Current grid rates are about 15 pence per unit. Years of consistent commercial solar panel use can potentially save you thousands of pounds on electricity expenses.

Passive Income

Commercial solar panels will not only save your business money. They can also be a source of passive income.


If your solar PV system generates more energy than your property requires, it’s possible to sell the power surplus to the grid. Local energy companies often buy unused energy from businesses that produce most, if not all, of their energy from the sun. They will purchase the extra energy wholesale then sell it to their customers at a retail rate.


If you choose to use your solar panels to generate additional income, you can sign a contract with a local energy company. If everyone agrees to the terms, the company will install an export meter to the solar system and buy whatever extra units it produces.

Energy Security

Every year, the UK’s demand for energy grows, which leads to an increase in electricity costs. However, commercial solar panels can generate enough electricity to prevent your property from relying solely on the local energy grid. Solar systems are also an excellent backup against government energy regulations and business audits through the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Since commercial solar panels produce clean, renewable power, these systems are an excellent way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. The panels are highly-efficient alternatives to fossil fuels because they don’t produce harmful greenhouse gases or pollute water sources.


By generating your commercial property’s power instead of buying it from an energy company, you can make your brand more appealing to eco-conscious customers, thus improving your company’s reputation. You can have a cutting edge against competitors with green credentials.

Commercial Solar PV Systems

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Overheads

Up To 100kw Systems

No Downtime

Commercial Solar Panel Installers

As an approved solar contractor for Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and all of Scotland, Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd can install solar panels for businesses of any size. With our experience and solar system knowledge, we can successfully meet the unique demands of planning a large scale solar system project.


Projects requiring a single system installation over 300 square meters usually requires collaborations between solar experts, architects, building consultants, and other professional contractors. Even commercial solar panel installations at multiple sites for a single client will need a strong team and plenty of planning.


Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd is happy to offer our expertise and assistance in developing the optimal solar system solution for your property’s needs.

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For more information about commercial solar panels, turn to the experts at Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd, who proudly serve all of Scotland. Our experienced installers have intricate knowledge about PV solar power, and we provide repair and replacement for solar inverters, meters, isolators, batteries, and other parts of your system. We also offer solar panel bird proofing as an option for every system installation.

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