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If you’re live in Scotland and want to get a solar battery or benefit from battery storage in 2024, you’re in the right place. Please scroll down to see our best solar battery and learn more about how it all works. 


Solar Batteries Scotland

Renewable power, net zero carbon emissions, abundant resources – there are plenty of reasons to try solar energy via a solar PV system and solar panels with solar battery storage. If you’ve done some research, you know that solar batteries will be an incredibly efficient addition to your existing setup.

We wanted to give you some information on solar batteries before you move forward with their installation. Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd has plenty of experience working with all things solar, including lots of innovative projects with different solar panel and battery combinations, catering for both domestic and commercial installations.

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Are solar batteries worth it?

What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries are powered by renewable energy. They provide power to your house like any other resource, except they don’t leave carbon footprints in their wake. Solar battery storage can help you save money and the environment. 

A solar battery stores renewable energy generated by your solar panels; during the daytime, solar panels absorb the photons in the daylight, and then a solar inverter turns them into DC current. From there, it becomes AC current which electronic devices can use. It powers up appliances just like the energy from your local grid, except it was generated by natural sunlight early on. Any excess energy is directed to the battery inverter.

With a solar battery, you can simultaneously use renewable energy and save up some for later. Usually, a solar battery will be very powerful, we offer a range of solar battery manufacturers, makes and models with different power outputs.

The leading solar battery sold worldwide is the Tesla Powerwall home battery.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is a potential reservoir of energy. This energy is supplied by power from the grid or your solar panels. During an outage, the electricity needs of your home can be easily met by a solar battery from energy you’ve stored over time.

Thankfully for those of us living in Scotland, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to create electricity. In fact, they work just fine in ambient sunlight on cold, cloudy days. Therefore, solar battery storage will have sufficient power as long as there is daylight. Many homeowners gravitate towards solar energy because it’s renewable, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it can significantly reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

However, solar battery storage comes with even more benefits. It not only stores excess electricity in powerful flow batteries but also works as a great backup for your homes power supply.

Renewable Energy Storage

Solar panels can generate renewable energy in excess of your daily requirement. Therefore, a big part of this renewable energy can go to waste. A battery storage facility allows you to store power and use it later. But why do you need to save power when you can just pull it from the grid?

First of all, home batteries can massively reduce your energy bills in the long term.  Having solar battery storage also means that you can power up your fans, lights and every other appliance that you use. Plus, you get to provide higher energy security for your home when the grid goes down.

Solar Battery Storage

Generate Renewable Energy

Reduce Energy Bills

Backup Power Supply

Maximum Efficiency Of System

Eco Friendly / Green

In 2022 the largest percentage of the electricity in power grids comes from fossil fuels and natural gas. These are responsible for carbon emissions. So, as an environment conscious person, you might be more inclined to use renewable electricity. For one, there’s no harmful emission and by-product that you need to worry about.

Storage batteries are eco-friendly, and they store clean energy. Combining solar power and the home battery can decrease your home’s carbon footprint by a significant amount. Power sources such as generators don’t measure up to solar energy because they burn fossil fuels one way or the other. 

Backup Power Source

As stated above, you can save the excess power generated by solar panels with solar battery storage. This way, your home can be self sufficient at times of natural disasters, blackouts and emergencies. Home batteries are a reliable source of power when
you’re stuck in heavy rain, wind, and snow.

You don’t need a solar PV system to make solar battery storage work. These batteries can easily function without solar PV panels by recharging from your local grid. However this is ill advised as it will be nowhere near as efficient, it won’t be renewable green energy and could end up costing you a fortune. Should you decide to do this, you can save up power when electricity is cheaper and
discharge when it is more expensive.

Reduce Energy Bills

If you’re looking for a long-term cheaper energy solution, using a solar battery is one of the best things you can do to save money. Solar batteries can effectively reduce your energy bills by providing a steady, self-sufficient resource. To stop buying from the local grid, you can increase the size of your batteries. Their combined generating capacity should cover your everyday requirements.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

On sunny days, your solar panel can draw in more energy than you can use. Instead of wasting it or redirecting it to the grid, you can save this energy for another time. That’s the main concept of solar battery storage.

So, if you frequently experience blackouts, getting a home battery will change that forever. You can live independent of the grid and not have a big energy bill waiting for you at the end of every month. Moving forward, a solar panel can function in the rain and snow, the two conditions where most people think solar power doesn’t work. So, even if you’re cut off from the power line, you can have electricity indefinitely with a home battery.

Here’s a reminder of the benefits of solar batteries at a glance:

*Eco-friendly, low carbon energy source.
*Can hold a charge for a long period of time.
*Its renewable power can reduce energy costs.
*Zero environment pollution and noise pollution.
*Stores renewable electricity produced by solar PV panels.
*It can be expanded with increasing energy usage.
*Uses most of the generated solar power on-site.
*Not dependent on the local power grid.

Solar energy can be your number one power source. You have an abundant resource, and it takes only two devices to have your own solar power up and running photovoltaic panels and a beefy home battery. These batteries can last for up to 20 years, depending on their make, usage, and quality / brand.

Best Solar Battery 2024

If you want to buy a home energy storage battery, here are some of the top solar batteries of 2024 to consider. Based on battery capacity, continuous power rating, depth of discharge, round trip efficiency, and price, we rounded up the best solar power batteries you can get in Scotland, have a look:

1. Tesla Powerwall 2

Although pricey, Tesla Powerwall 2 puts forward a robust 13.5 kWh battery
storage. It’s efficient, compact, and it comes with industry-standard features. You
can easily compare it to the latest flow batteries and take advantage of its 5.8 kW
continuous power rating.
Tesla Powerwall 2 is easier to set up if you have pre-installed solar panels. Overall,
it’s a reliable home battery for homes with high electricity consumption.

2. Enphase Encharge  

This is a modular home battery, which means you can stack multiple Enphase
batteries and increase the capacity as required. It can automatically sense an outage
and switch your power to the off-grid mode.
It’s more impressive than Tesla Powerwall 2 in terms of efficiency and a modular
system. Overall, Enphase Encharge batteries are a good choice for saving excess
energy and not losing much power in the process.

3. BYD Battery Box HV

If price is an issue, you can consider a BYD battery to go with your new
photovoltaic panels. They are available in a number of different capacity and
voltage options, starting from 5.1kW and 95% round-trip efficiency.
It stores all the renewable power generated by solar panels and is praised for its
high, continuous power rating. The BYD battery is a reasonably priced modular
storage that you should definitely try for your home.

Solar Battery Installers Scotland

If your electricity bills have skyrocketed in recent years, they most likely won’t come down in 2024. So, now is a good time as any to install a solar battery at home. We mentioned three particular home batteries that stood out to us, but as an approved solar battery installer, our skilled staff can set up any battery of your choice as well as advise on the best type for your circumstances.

Whether you have solar panels or not, installing a solar battery is possible in most Scottish homes. First, we’ll talk about your electricity usage, power supply, and roof space to suggest a solar panel and battery combination. Then, we’ll visit your property and
select the place where the solar panels will function optimally.
We do care about aesthetics, which is why we go with a design that best serves your electricity needs and suits the outlook of your home.

Also, we are an approved solar battery installer in Scotland. An important part of our job is to ensure that your solar panel and battery layout is as efficient as possible.

If your solar battery suffers damage, is depleting charge fast, or is unable to recharge altogether, contact us before it’s too late. We offer solar battery repair and maintenance services as well.

The Future of Solar Power

Why put up with a loud, fuel-hungry generator when you can have rechargeable storage systems do the same job? Solar batteries are incredibly safe, compact, and quiet. If you want to increase your usage of renewable energy and save money, getting a solar battery is an excellent place to start. As mentioned, solar battery storage is pretty low-maintenance, but it still requires a professional to work out the technical aspects of installation. Solar energy is clean, eco-friendly, sustainable, and is far better than fossil fuels.

Are you thinking of getting your first solar battery or additional batteries? Get in touch.

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