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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Aberdeen

Get rid of birds, pigeons or pest nesting under you solar panels with our solar edge protection bird proofing kit.

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"Thanks to the work that has been carried out by Solar Edge I can now rest easy knowing that my property is not going to be damaged. Great job completed on time."

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

When you find debris from bird nests scattered across your roof and garden, with droppings everywhere, it’s likely your roof and solar panels have been taken hostage by nesting birds, most likely pigeons. Solar panels offer heat and a safe harbour to the birds from weather and predators.

Each year, the damage caused by nesting to solar panels amounts in millions of pounds in Scotland alone. Your solar panels and PV system is under threat, so is your wiring, your roof’s drainage system, and most importantly, your health.

Let us help you maintain your solar panels and solar PV system by offering the best solar panel bird proofing solution available in the UK today. Clean solar panels means maximum solar yield and a much cleaner roof means your home looks far better.

Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd are a team of experienced and vetted solar professionals, and installed thousands of our 100% guaranteed solar edge bird proofing kits in Aberdeen, Moray, Aberdeenshire and across Scotland.

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10 Year Guarantee On All Solar Bird Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Aberdeen Cost

The cost for installing solar panel bird proofing in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire varies depending on how many panels you have in your array. Bird proofing prices in Aberdeen start from £995 +VAT, if you call us with the number of panels you have, we will provide you with an accurate cost on the phone. This includes cleaning and a professional inspection of your solar panels, reporting back any maintenance or repairs that are required. 

We will also clear your gutters on the area of your roof where your panels are installed.

"got rid of the pigeons for good after we had tried other companies and bird removal methods. Great service from start to finish everything was explained in detail, quick response, fair price and very friendly workers"

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Ayrshire Customer
Ayrshire Customer
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"come out on such a very wet and windy day. But they came out nice and early and went straigh to work. Solar panels were cleaned of moss and debris from birds and blocked off. The bous cleaned up everything and were polite, friendly and nothing was a problem. Highly recommend them"
Edinburgh Customer
Edinburgh Customer
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"After a few years of putting up with the early morning bird tap dancing on the roof , constant cleaning of the side path due to bird toilet habits and a few times scrambling on the roof myself to try solutions for the problem I took the plunge and looked for a pro company to solve the problem. I will be honest and didnt know anything about this company prior to the work and choosing them was just a search in local area. But i was not dissapointed , guys were polite , professional and tidy . The job looks great , birds have nearly all gone and as far as price goes (I have nothing to compare against so wont go into detail) I am more than happy for what I paid for the service I got . Wouldnt hesitate to recommend"
Clackmannanshire Homeowner
Clackmannanshire Homeowner
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"This style of pigeon proofing is FAR superior to the standard wire proofing methods I've seen elsewhere, it actually blends into the panels and looks like it's part of the system! Very discreet. The workmen were polite, friendly and knew their stuff. They arrived on time and completed the job within the timescales given. We are really delighted with the job they did and we've already had very positive comments from friends and neighbours. I'd have no hesitation at all in recommending this company. Thanks guys!"
Lanarkshire Homeowner
Lanarkshire Homeowner
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"A couple of lovely guys did a good job getting rid of the pigeons from under my solar panels and made sure that they don’t come back! They also cleared the gutters afterwards. Would recommend."
Glasgow Customer
Glasgow Customer
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"Had our solar panels bird proofed yesterday. The guys were really nice and explained what they were doing, they were very professional. They cleaned the panels & the gutters and tidied up completely after themselves. Great price too! Pigeons are raging 😁😁"
Edinburgh Customer
Edinburgh Customer
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"The guys came on time and did a super job. Quality of material is very very good and I would highly recommend this company to protect your solar panels from flying vermin. Today the pigeons are looking for a new home!! superb!!"

Birds & Pigeons Removed in Aberdeen

before solar bird proofing Aberdeen
Before solar panel bird proofing in Aberdeen
after solar bird proofing in Aberdeen
After solar panel bird proofing in Aberdeen
before solar panel bird proofing in Edinburgh
Before solar panel bird proofing in Edinburgh
after solar panel bird proofing Edinburgh
After solar panel bird proofing in Edinburgh

Cheap & Ineffective Solar Panel Bird Proofing

The cheapest and least effective methods of solar panel bird proofing is chicken wire. It doesn’t last, the birds can still get through it often within a short space of time.

Although robust and made from galvanised steel, solar panel mesh looks terrible and often it won’t survive Scottish weather, especially the harsh winters.

Much like solar panel mesh, bird netting looks terrible and often it won’t survive Scottish weather conditions. Bird netting will also collect a huge amount of bird mess and nest debris.

The obvious flaw with stainless steel solar panel bird spikes is the small gaps. Bird spikes are very dangerous for the welfare of the pigeons, who will continue to make it their mission in life to get through the tiny gap, especially if they believe there is young left behind. Solar panel bird spikes are however an effective method to stop birds and pigeons perching on the corners of your roof.

"Very professional company with polite & responsible workers, Highly recommend to people searching for solar panel bird proofing service!"
before solar panel bird guard Newton Mearns, Glasgow
Before solar panel bird proofing in Newton Mearns, Glasgow
after solar panel bird proofing in Newton Mearns, Glasgow
After solar panel bird proofing in Newton Mearns, Glasgow
before solar panel bird proofing Inverness
Before solar panel bird proofing in Inverness
after solar panel pigeon guard Inverness
After solar panel bird proofing in Inverness

Issues Caused By Birds Nesting Under Your Solar Panels

In the Scottish landscape, solar panels are a perfect site for roosting and nesting. Birds use the residual space for shelter and warmth, and you might end up living with an everyday nuisance. From the noise to damage, nesting is the root of many significant problems.

The scratchy noise over your head can drive even the calmest to distraction. With the bird infestation, your roof might sound like a battlefront amidst all the shrieking and cooing. Birds love to live in flocks, and there might be no end to the new birds joining in.

The accumulation of nesting material and dropping can create hotspots which are eventually going to lead to solar cell failure. Bird droppings are acidic, and heaps of it can expedite the corrosion of the Aluminum frame. Not only is your roof going to look nasty, but any contact with the droppings can also cause severe infections due to pathogens in it.

Nesting material and droppings can block your drainage system, creating weak spots, which eventually leads to leaks. Birds attract other pests including rodents and squirrels. These critters chew up the solar panel wiring, which can cause short circuits and rooftop fires.

We can help you clean up and inspect the panels along with the wiring for any damage. Our expert team will make sure that all the paneling components are in place before calling it a day. Contact us today to discuss the best suited solar panel bird proofing solutions for your property. Our team is glad to assist.

Guaranteed Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd Bird Proofing

As stated, there are other lots of options to prevent birds, pigeons and pests from nesting under your solar panels. Make sure you choose solar edge protection, which is more effective and will stand the test of time. Our professional solar installers  have got you covered.

Our team will reduce the number of birds, pigeons and pests from your roof and under your solar panels in a matter of hours. Please allow up to three weeks to get rid of them completely. The most important aspect of what we offer is that;

  • No birds, pests, or pests will gain access to underneath your solar panels.
  • All bird mess and debris is cleared away from your roof and gutters.
  • Your delicate wiring will be inspected to ensure it’s safe and in working order.
  • Our proofing solutions require no future maintenance.
  • We won’t compromise the aesthetics of your property.

All of our work is full guaranteed, coming with a 12 month workmanship warranty and our own guarantee that it solves your problem with nesting birds underneath your panels. We can assure you the problem will be gone first time and are willing to come straight back out to your property to resolve should you report otherwise!

before solar panel bird proofing Stenhousemuir, Falkirk
Before solar panel bird proofing in Stenhousemuir, Falkirk
solar pigeon proofing Stenhousemuir, Falkirk
After solar panel bird proofing in Stenhousemuir, Falkirk
solar bird proofing Saltcoats, Ayrshire
Before solar panel bird proofing in Saltcoats, North Ayrshire
bird proofing solar panels in Saltcoats, Ayrshire
After solar panel bird proofing in Saltcoats, North Ayrshire

We Cover Aberdeenshire

We have installed thousands of solar edge protection bird proofing kits all over Scotland, including all parts of Aberdeenshire. We continue to offer our services in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire,, Banchory, Banff, Blackburn, Buckie, Dufftown, Elgin, Ellon, Forres, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Inverurie, Macduff, Moray area, Peterhead, Stonehaven, Turriff, and across Moray and Aberdeenshire.

Other Areas of Scotland We Install

We install solar panel bird proofing all over Scotland. We are located in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and our team travels the country installing bird proofing in;

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