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Solar inverters are crucial components in the operational functions of your PV system, surpassing other components in significance. Selecting a reliable solar inverter is equally crucial to choosing the right type of panels. It’s essential to consider factors such as potential power output and conversion efficiency before making a decision.

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Solar Inverter Replacement Fife

Is your solar inverter displaying an error code or not generating as much power as before?

Solar Edge Protection boasts extensive expertise in all aspects of solar components, with a particular focus on solar inverters. Whether your solar inverter has ceased functioning or it’s time for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

Our certified electricians can visit your home to diagnose the issue. If a repair is feasible, they will outline the necessary work; otherwise, they will provide you with a quote for a new solar inverter, inclusive of installation. With a track record of numerous solar inverter installations, replacements, and repairs in Fife, our team is well equipped to assist you anywhere in mainland Scotland.

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How Does A Solar Inverter Work?

When exposed to sunlight, the solar photovoltaic (PV) system initiates the movement of electrons within the solar cell, generating direct current (DC) energy. This energy is collected by batteries for later use.

Homes and offices typically operate on alternating current (AC). However, the energy produced in the solar cell is in the form of DC, rendering it unusable until it undergoes conversion. This is where your solar inverter plays a crucial role. The solar cells send DC to the inverter, which transforms it into AC for your home’s electrical supply.

Solar Inverter Errors And Faults

Your solar inverter comes with a predetermined warranty period. Opting for a reputable brand reduces the likelihood of faults, thereby potentially saving on repair costs.

Numerous inverter issues stem from faulty panels or cables. If your inverter displays an error code, consulting your inverter manual can assist in deciphering the error, providing insights into the underlying issue. Some common problems with inverters include:

Even with a high quality solar inverter, improper installation can lead to suboptimal performance. Incorrect installation may result in disconnection or improper programming, impacting the effectiveness of your system. The installer’s expertise is crucial in achieving the desired outcomes.

Solar Edge Protection specialises in the professional installation of inverters, ensuring precision and reliability. Our qualified and experienced team is well equipped to handle various types of solar inverters, guaranteeing optimal performance for your system.

Inverters comprise various electronic components, making them sensitive to temperature fluctuations. High temperatures can lead to a significant reduction or complete loss of production when the inverter reaches its maximum operating temperature.

To prevent such issues, a professional assessment is crucial to determine the appropriate cooling technology or required capacity. Regular monitoring of inverter cooling during operation ensures the system functions correctly. Adequate ventilation for both the inverter and switch cabinet is essential.

Our team can assist you in evaluating the energy requirements to prevent overburdening your inverter. We provide support in designing well ventilated installations to mitigate the risk of overheating.

If your inverter fails to start after a grid fault or there is a problem with the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) module – We are here to get out of the jam. Our expert in house repair service team takes care of any inverter issue and gets it back up and running in no time. 

There are wide range of inverters faults, problems and issues, that we can restore to optimal functionality.

Key considerations when selecting a solar inverter include:

  1. Quality – Ensure the solar inverter’s conversion efficiency meets your specific requirements.
  2. Features – Opt for Wi-Fi-enabled solar inverters for convenient remote monitoring.
  3. Warranty – Choose an inverter with a warranty that aligns with the expected lifespan of your PV system.
  4. Post-sale Service – Select an inverter provider that offers reliable post-sale service and support.

Solar Inverter Repair

Is your inverter output showing a recent decline? Our team is well-equipped and experienced to address any issues with your inverter. Our proficient engineers can effectively repair your solar inverter. Contact us for:

Inverter shutdown with failure lights

Decreased production and increased utility bill

Damaged Panels

Battery Failure

Battery leakage or corrosion

Upgrade of any system component

Types of Solar Inverter

There are various types and brands of solar inverters available. Our engineers possess experience with all different brands and models. The most common types of inverters include:

String Inverters

A string inverter is most efficient when your PV panels have similar characteristics, and they operate under the same conditions. These standard inverters are widely used for domestic and small scale commercial setups.

Your string inverter can be supplied for single or three phase grid connections, depending upon the incoming supply. Domestic installations are mostly single phase, and commercial ones are three phase. If your roof is not shaded at any point, this is a good pick.

Power Optimisers

Power optimisers are positioned at each panel, conditioning the DC and transmitting it to your string inverter. This configuration results in high efficiency, an outcome that would have been unattainable with a simple string inverter. If you’re looking to optimise your system without straining your budget, this option is for you.

Our power optimisers reduce the impact of shading on your panels. Our team can help transform your system into an efficient one, incorporating the finest inline power optimisers.

Micro Inverters

Positioned on individual panels, micro inverters transform DC into AC without the need for a separate central inverter. Micro inverters can be integrated into the solar panels or installed adjacent to them with a mounting system. They effectively counteract the impact of partial or complete shading, allowing you to monitor the performance of each panel.

Our team can assist you in installing microinverters to create smart modules. As accredited installers for all major brands, we can guide you in setting up a solar panel system to ensure optimal production.

Solar Inverter Replacement Cost

Solar inverters typically have a lifespan of 10 to 25 years. Conducting regular maintenance checks is crucial to keep the inverter healthy. In instances where the inverter ceases to produce energy, replacement may be necessary to minimise waste.

The cost of replacing a solar PV inverter can vary significantly based on the chosen type. Replacement costs range from £500 to several thousand pounds. You can have a solar inverter supplied and fitted for a minimum of around £1000, depending on the most suitable type for your system.

Several factors influence the cost, such as potential power output, conversion efficiency, and the type of panels in use. If you have uncertainties about the best choice for your requirements, our team is available to provide assistance. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Solar Inverter Warranty

The solar inverters provided and installed by us come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The available warranties typically range from 10 to 25 years, depending on the chosen make and model.

In addition to supplying and installing inverters, our team can offer valuable maintenance advice to help ensure the longevity of the product.

New Solar Inverter Fife

If you’re considering investing in a high quality solar inverter, we’re here to help. Our accredited installers are well versed in all major solar inverter brands, having successfully installed numerous inverters in Fife and across Scotland.

If you’re uncertain about the type of inverter that best suits your system, our experienced experts can provide free advice. We are proficient in installing various types of solar inverters to enhance the efficiency of your solar PV system.

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