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Solar Isolators

If you have a faulty solar PV Isolator switch, your home is at risk of fire as long as it is not repaired. If it is your NHP isolator, it could be conducting electricity even when off, putting you or your electrician at an electrocution risk.


Solar Isolator Replacement

Need a replacement solar isolator installed? Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd are known for our PV system expertise and quality service. From the panels to the isolators, we can help you install and repair any component of your system to keep it efficient.

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What Is A Solar Isolator?

Solar Isolators, AC and DC, are switch gears used to interrupt the inverter from the solar panels. A DC isolator is used between the grid-connect inverters and high voltage DC PV arrays. An AC isolator manually isolates the AC supply to a grid-connected inverter.

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How Does Solar Isolator Work?

Most of the PV installations have got two DC isolator switches, which are connected to a single string. One switch is placed in the vicinity of PV array and another at the DC end of the inverter. AC isolator switch disconnects the inverter from the grid. In case of any maintenance, installation, or repair service, these switches manually disconnect the solar panels or the grid supply to keep the process hazard-free.

Solar Isolator Issues

Your solar isolator keeps your property and you, safe from electrical hazards. These safety switches can keep the current off while you undertake installation or repair works. Any fault can cause loss of life and property.

If your solar isolator is displaying any error or has stopped working, it is time to call a professional to repair or replace the switch. Installing a new switch is less time consuming and keeps your property and the PV system safe from short circuits or damage.

Our team is qualified to work with any PV component, and we can help you repair or replace the solar isolator in no time.

Solar Isolator Repair

Whenever a PV component malfunctions, a solar isolator can cut off the supply to ensure safe installation or repair work. But when the isolator is faulty, it can risk everything else. If you are living with a broken or faulty Solar Isolator, you are risking it all. Get your isolator fixed in no time, and make your home a safe place again. Call us for any Isolator issues, and our team will assist you at their earliest.

Solar Isolator Replacement

Is your solar isolator broken or out of warranty? Get it replaced with the safest and most compatible isolators to ensure maximum safety to your PV set up.

We can replace your AC or DC isolator switches to keep your PV system high on efficiency. You do not have to worry about current leakage and other hazards. Each switch we install comes with a fixed time warranty.

Solar Isolator Cost

The cost of solar isolator depends upon the make and type. Contact our team to know more about the cost and installation charges. You can seek suggestions from our pro team regarding any PV component installation.

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