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Are you looking for professional Solar Panel installers? Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd is an approved solar PV installer, installing solar panels across Scotland.

solar panel installers Scotland

Solar Panel Installers Scotland


Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is known for setting high standards for solar PV installers and registered manufacturers. As an MCS approved solar installer, Solar Panel Edge Protection Ltd is continually assessed to ensure that we keep up with the set quality standards. We are here to provide world-class services and Yes – We never compromise on quality.

We are passionate about solar technology, and our solutions are customised to match your requirements. Our technical team has got best-in-class expertise. We share a passion for combining our technical excellence with renewable energy, to create self-reliant systems, which are going to last for decades.

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Understanding Solar Panel Generations

Fun Fact-  Did you know that the energy required for the world can be sufficed by the harvesting the power generated by the sun for just some minutes? Amazing, right?

Solar energy is a long-lasting and reliable energy source which is also efficient and cost-effective. We are reputed solar panel installers, and we have expertise in installing all types of solar panels. Each panel type caters to different needs. If you want to know your best pick, contact our team today.

1st Generation Solar Panels

These Solar panels are composed of Monocrystalline Silicon or Polysilicon. With high energy efficiency and output, these panels are ideal for residential energy requirements.

2nd Generation Solar Panels

Prime energy suppliers for photovoltaic power stations, these panels are integrated with small solar systems and buildings, for self-reliant energy supply. Also known as thin-film modules, these solar panels are composed of semiconductor material. The layers are just a few micrometres thick. With less material used in construction, these panels are more economical in cost.

3rd Generation Solar Panels

3rd generation solar panels are still in the research and development phase of production. These panels are ideally composed of a variety of material; including silicon wires, nanotubes, conductive plastics and organic dyes. Expected to be commercially viable with high energy output, the 3rd generation solar panels will be low on cost.

Types of Solar Panels

Fun Fact-  Did you know that the energy required for the world can be sufficed by the harvesting the power generated by the sun for just some minutes? Amazing, right?

Solar energy is a long-lasting and reliable energy source which is also efficient and cost-effective. We are reputed solar panel installers, and we have expertise in installing all types of solar panels. Each panel type caters to different needs. If you want to know your best pick, contact our team today.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels Or Mono-SI

If you have noticed the solar panels with rounded edges and a uniform dark look, this is the type. These solar panels are high on efficiency because of the high purity thin wafers of silicon. We call them monocrystalline because the production involves slicing of large single crystals into constituent cells. These panels are useful even when the space is limited, and they yield a high power output. Aesthetically pleasing, Monocrystalline panels are less impacted by high temperatures.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Poly-Si)

These are the square-shaped panels, with a speckled blue look. Polycrystalline solar panels are made from melted raw silicon and are cost-effective with substantial power output. Ideal for small rooftops, these first-generation panels are suitable for an energy consumption range of 100-1000 Watts. The choice of the panel type depends upon a specific situation. You can consult our experts to know more.

TFSC (Thin-Film Solar Cells)

If you are looking for solar panels in the budget, you might want to consider TFSC. These panels include one or more film layers of photovoltaic material, including cadmium, silicon or copper, onto the substrate. They are economical alternatives and are flexible too. If you have a generous amount of space available for the solar panel installation, here is a good option for you.

These panels are available in various types, depending upon the type of photovoltaic material deposited onto the substrate. The commercially available options include Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIS/CIGS), Amorphous Silicon (a-Si), Cadmium Telluride (CdTe).

Reasons To Install Solar Panels

If you are looking to upgrade the efficiency of your home, solar panels are the way to do it. You might be knowing the potential benefits of going solar, and considering the pros of the technology, there is no good reason to not adapt to it.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Whether you own a business or you are a homeowner, a sizeable portion of your income goes into the energy bills. With a solar panel system, you will be able to produce a substantial amount of energy for more than a couple of decades. Now that is a lot of money you saved right there.

Protect The Environment

Solar panels will help you to do your bit for saving the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint considerable by going solar. A typical solar panel eliminates 3-4 tons of carbon emission in a year.

Protection From The Rising Energy Costs

You will be able to hedge utility prices. With the electricity prices going up each year, investing in solar panels helps you stabilise the electricity cost, and you can be in a better position to forecast and manage your expenses.

Increase Your Property Value

Solar homes fetch more value and sell more quickly than the non-solar ones. As homebuyers become more educated about the benefits of the system, the demand keeps on growing.

Need professional help with your solar roof?

Solar Panel Maintenance And Repair

Solar panels are low maintenance. Little can go wrong if you have a well-built system in place. Solar edge Scotland offers preventive and reactive maintenance services for the systems we have installed and for the one’s we have not.

We offer scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance services, to check whether the system is performing well or requires any repairs.  We make sure that you get maximum returns on your investment.

Not sure if your solar panels are working fine? Contact us now.

Experiencing Issues With Your Solar Panels?

If you are experiencing any problem with your solar panel system, feel free to contact us. Our in-house panel repair service department is committed to prompt and exceptional service quality. We are a team of experienced and qualified technicians. Any problem, big or small – We have got your back.

Solar Panel Replacement

Designed to operate at their peak efficiency for decades, much can happen to your solar panels in the long run. Sometimes the only solution is to get the solar panels removed and replaced. Whether it is the panel structure damage, or your solar panels are at the end of their long lifecycle, our team has got your solar panel replacement needs covered.

At Solar edge Scotland, solar panel replacements are done by experts with in-depth knowledge of the technology. We are known for high-quality installations, and we can provide expert guidance to help you choose the right solar panels for your home.

Solar Panel Warranty

Our customers are important to us, and so is their peace of mind. Although the world is an uncertain place, we do not let uncertainty seep in our installation processes.

We only install the top branded MCS solar panels. The panels come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we make sure to assist our customers whenever the need arises. Our warranty policies are communicated clearly to our customers to avoid any issue.

Need Assistance ?

We have years of hands-on experience in solar panel installation, maintenance and repair. Get in touch with us for any assistance regarding solar panels! 

Solar Panel Installation Cost

Solar panels vary in cost depending upon the type and size. The domestic 4kW solar panel system can cost around £6,000, which covers 29 square meters of the roof approximately.

The solar energy technology is advancing each year, and the costs are decreasing too. Solar panel requirements are different. Depending upon the energy requirement and Panel type, the installation cost varies. Contact our team for a first-hand assessment. We will get back with a quotation and a timeline estimate so that you can decide better. Our services are better than the most, and our customers always vouch for us. With our competitive pricing, we can offer you the best deal.

Approved Solar Installers

We know buying solar panels is a substantial investment, and we can enhance its worth. With the market flooded with huge claims and little proof, we let our work speak for us.

Solar edge Scotland is an MCS certified installer, which is proof of the quality and reliability that you can expect. We have been installing commercial and domestic solar systems for years. Our No-obligation quote makes the process more simple and hassle-free.

Choosing An MCS Accredited Solar Installer

Supported by the department for business, energy and industrial strategy, MCS is a national quality insurance scheme. You will be able to claim the feed-in-tariff with an MCS accredited installer only, and your panels are going to be customer protected. 

Do I Need Planning Permission For Solar Panel Installation?

The installation of the solar panels is classified under ‘permitted development since 2008. You do not need planning permission unless your building is in a conservation area or is listed.

Ayrshire Customer
Ayrshire Customer
Read More
"come out on such a very wet and windy day. But they came out nice and early and went straigh to work. Solar panels were cleaned of moss and debris from birds and blocked off. The bous cleaned up everything and were polite, friendly and nothing was a problem. Highly recommend them"
Edinburgh Customer
Edinburgh Customer
Read More
"After a few years of putting up with the early morning bird tap dancing on the roof , constant cleaning of the side path due to bird toilet habits and a few times scrambling on the roof myself to try solutions for the problem I took the plunge and looked for a pro company to solve the problem. I will be honest and didnt know anything about this company prior to the work and choosing them was just a search in local area. But i was not dissapointed , guys were polite , professional and tidy . The job looks great , birds have nearly all gone and as far as price goes (I have nothing to compare against so wont go into detail) I am more than happy for what I paid for the service I got . Wouldnt hesitate to recommend"
Clackmannanshire Homeowner
Clackmannanshire Homeowner
Read More
"This style of pigeon proofing is FAR superior to the standard wire proofing methods I've seen elsewhere, it actually blends into the panels and looks like it's part of the system! Very discreet. The workmen were polite, friendly and knew their stuff. They arrived on time and completed the job within the timescales given. We are really delighted with the job they did and we've already had very positive comments from friends and neighbours. I'd have no hesitation at all in recommending this company. Thanks guys!"
Lanarkshire Homeowner
Lanarkshire Homeowner
Read More
"A couple of lovely guys did a good job getting rid of the pigeons from under my solar panels and made sure that they don’t come back! They also cleared the gutters afterwards. Would recommend."
Glasgow Customer
Glasgow Customer
Read More
"Had our solar panels bird proofed yesterday. The guys were really nice and explained what they were doing, they were very professional. They cleaned the panels & the gutters and tidied up completely after themselves. Great price too! Pigeons are raging 😁😁"
Edinburgh Customer
Edinburgh Customer
Read More
"The guys came on time and did a super job. Quality of material is very very good and I would highly recommend this company to protect your solar panels from flying vermin. Today the pigeons are looking for a new home!! superb!!"

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